Credit reporting and advanced accounts receivables management are key to shortening the cash cycle and detecting “red flags” before they become costly.

The American Credit Protection Corporation has a range of fully customizable commercial and consumer (retail level) solutions to meet the needs of creditors. 

  • First Party Call Centre Services enable businesses to identify bad debt early in the collection cycle by outsourcing to American Credit Protection Corporation staff. Focus on your business needs while we focus on credit recovery and help to minimize debt write-offs.
  • Consumer Third Party Collection Services serve a broad spectrum of business sectors and consumer markets. Our efficient and effective collections services help to reduce bad debt. Our expert collections team has a solid track record of success and fully appreciates the importance of balancing the need to protect your corporate image while working to collect the monies due from bad debtors.
  • Commercial Third Party Collections Services are results-oriented collection solutions to both save time and money, and ensure maximized revenue opportunities. All our clients are keen to reduce their bad debt write-offs and protect their profits. It is also important to them that they can save on capital expenditures and free up their staff from time-consuming collection activities. Find out how our solutions can fit your needs and budget.
  • Debt Acquisition – To enhance cash flow, sell receivables at fair market value for immediate conversion to liquid assets.
  • Litigation Services - Certain situations may require legal action – such as an uncooperative debtor who has been asked to pay a debt through traditional third party collection measures. Our services are tailored to assess the specific need and make recommendations on appropriate courses of litigation action.

Leading-edge technological solutions include:

  • Fully computerized communications and call center – Fully trained staff using only the latest and most reliable technology
  • The power of IVT (Interactive Voice Response) – Be proactive, stay ahead of potential problems and ensure a constant cash flow
  • Superior contact procedures – Benefit from automated and tailored mailings, and advanced skip tracing procedures
  • Complete and accurate online reporting system – Monitor your accounts 24/7.

Comprehensive customized solutions are available in all our service areas. Call us. A professional credit agent will help you determine what’s best for you.


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